Sound, Listening, Communication, Consultant

Sound, Listening and Communication Consultations

Service Offered

Sean offers individuals, groups & businesses the opportunity to
improve and enhance their listening and communication skills by focusing on aspects such as sound, silence, and the energy of others.

Sean has a comprehensive knowledge base of sound, silence and critical analysis which originates from his doctoral studies in music analysis. He can assist those in need of improving cohesion in the workplace and enhancing the individual's understanding of their inner selves, community, family and friends, colleagues and clients.

    Aim of sessions

    To improve critical thinking skills, 

    Enhance listening skills,

    Improve aural engagement,

    Improve physical presence, 

    Enhance awareness of personal and external energies,

    Enhanced physical awareness &

    Increased awareness of the individual's surroundings

    Consultations include:

    One-on-One sessions



    Hourly Rates

    Students  - $30

    Adults - $50

    Universities -  $200

    Corporate Business - $200

    Sporting Organisations  - $200

    Professional Athletes - $200

    Film & TV Industry - $250

    Primary & Secondary School - Negotiable

    Creative Industry - Negotiable

    Music Industry - Negotiable