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Sound, Music, Videography & Listening Skills

Photography by H.S. Botha

Music for Film, TV & Video Games
1. Soundscapes
2. Soundtracks
3. Other Commissions 


  •  Including filming, editing & soundtracks. 
Video for:
  • Business
  • Weddings
  • Conferences/Presentations
  • Performing Arts Sector
  • Social media and Other Digital Platforms.

Consultant & Coach 
1. Improving communication and listening in the workplace.
2. Creating a cohesive work environment.
3. Creating connection and building healthy relationships.
4. Reaching your full potential as a business, individual and member of your community.

  • You are most welcome to contact me for an initial consultation. 
  • I am happy to negotiate costs which will suit your budget.
  • We can negotiate a payment plan where needed.

Let's start the conversation today! You are most welcome to email me for discussion of service costs.

7 Step Listening Program

Soundscapes for Inner Health & Wellbeing

Podcast Series: Listen!

Coming Soon

The podcast series Listen! is an additional resource which delves further into how we can improve our listening practice. The program is accessible to those who wish to improve their relationships in their personal and professional lives.