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Sean is known in the arts industry as H.S. Botha and is the founder of H.S. Botha Productions which is currently in the beginning stages of its Film and Music production services. Sean is at the core of his being a South African born composer, sound artist & storyteller.  His creative life began when he was introduced to the music of South African singer, Anneli van Rooyen in the early 1980’s. In 1987 he picked up the guitar for the first time which formally introduced him to the music world. He started writing his own songs and composing for piano during his high school years. His love for the stage was inspired by Afrikaans and English authors alike and include poets, Ingrid Jonker, C.J. Langenhoven, Shakespeare and Robert Frost. Musically Sean’s work has been heavily influenced by 20th Century composers, especially Karlheinz Stockhausen, John Cage, Gerard Grisey, Claude Vivier, Hans Zimmer, Ludovico Einaudi, Prurient, Merzbow. and many other avant-garde composers.

Sean holds a Doctorate in Music & Critical Analysis which led to the creation of Interactive Audio-Visual Analysis – IAVA between 2016 and 2020 at Western Sydney University. His qualifications include a Bachelor of Music – Honours in Music & Emotion, a Bachelor of Music in Classical Guitar Performance and a Bachelor of Social Sciences in Nursing. In 2021 he won Best Soundtrack for the Short Film Fù (2018) which was directed and produced by Matthew McCracken (Sexy Rabbit Productions) at the Reale Film Festival in February 2021. Sean took part in the National Innovation Games, NSW, in February 2021 where his team came in 2nd place. He returned and took part in the National Innovation Games of the Northern Territory, in September 2021 where his team received an honourable mention.

In 2019, Sean was part of the DiG Maker Space 2019 residency in collaboration with the Penrith City Council, NSW, Australia. He worked together with a team of creatives who were mentored by Australian Producer and Director Andy Nehl. Sean is currently creating immersive soundscapes and soundtracks which are suited to Film and television projects, including Video Games. Sean works with sound, sound samples, silence and principles within the field of physics.  He carefully places sound objects in his music which makes every piece an immersive experience for the listener. He loves getting lost in a good story, whether he is reading a Star Wars novel or creating film scripts or novels himself. His ability to critique and create connections in stories is unique and provocative at times. Sean offers a body of work which stretches from postgraduate research, published novels and poetry, interviews with fellow artists and colleagues, and of course his two theses. The latest thesis being his Doctoral research which more so presents itself as a three-dimensional experience for the reader and his very first thesis relates to his research in the field of music psychology. To learn more about his work, feel free to have a look around his website and other social media platforms.

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