Who Mindfulness Through The Lens of Sound

A 7-Step Listening Program

 with Sean Botha

Who can do the program?

  • Artists, Musicians, Actors
  • Educators
  • Alternative Therapy Professionals
  • Corporate Business


How do you connect with others?

Many professions, academia and businesses talk about multiple different forms of listening, for example:

Effective Listening, Active Listening, Effective Listening, Empathetic Listening and so many more…

This 7- Step Listening Program strips the process back to the fundamental aspects of communication.

It is achieved through engaging with sound events in and around you, including stillness.

The program takes you deep into your physical body and creates a meaningful connection between your mind, brain and body.

By taking these steps you will be able to find the meaning you are seeking and simultaneously build healthy relationships in your life.


Why do we need to do this?

People are feeling isolate, disconnected and unsettled.

So many of us are hungry for positive change, living a meaningful life and a sense of community.

We can achieve this by going back to basic fundamental aspects of communication through the act of listening. 

THE Ultimate Question we always need to ask is HOW?

How do we achieve real listening?

The Program Offers Clients The Opportunity To

  • Listen
  • Become quiet
  • Explore stillness
  • Enhance connection with yourself, colleagues, customers/clients/patients/students
  • Establish Wellbeing in the workplace
  • Improve focus, especially for students and nurses
  • Enhancing mindfulness
  • Enhancing awareness



What is on offer?

An 8-week Coaching Program which include:

An initial free 30-minute consultation with Sean to talk about you and what you want to achieve in your life.

8 x One Hour sessions (Only AU$125 per session)

Online or Face to Face

Free Access to Meditation Music via Spotify/CD or USB

A Free Copy of the 7-Step Listening Program

  • Professionals who engage in Education services are welcome to reach out to Sean to discuss delivery formats and potential cost.
  • Health Professionals are welcome to contact Sean for further discussion of costs.
  • Artists, Musicians & Actors, the cost is heavily reduced due to the economic restraints our community has faced in Australia & Worldwide. Please contact Sean to discuss the cost involved. 

For Alternative Therapy Practitioners & Corporate Business following costs apply:

Total Cost

$1600 (8 week program)

Payment Methods: Paypal, Direct Debit or Cash

One to One Sessions are offered outside of this package deal.

30 minutes – $100

60 minutes – $200

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