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Who is Sean without the titles and qualifications & Why work with him?

I am one of many South Africans who moved to Australia in the year 2002.

Since then, life has knocked me around, showed me what the world is really like and everything I’ve seen has taught me one big thing:

Kindness Matters!

It matters to me, because that is what I needed during my young adult years and even now.

I was never able to find it in the nursing profession, but I did find it in the creative world.

Now that my music studies (which I started in 2011 and finished in 2020) are finished I can say with certainty that my biggest life moments included caring and kind musicians. People who weren’t afraid of being themselves, and their love for everything creative was infectious.

I learnt from creative masters, and they showed me it is okay to care.

It is okay to be me.

It is also okay to make and invent new technologies, new music and new ways of creative practice.

I did my Doctorate in Music & Critical Analysis and everything I learnt during my years of study showed me what FAILURE looks and feel like.

I saw the value of the SMALL Wins, the BIG Wins and the Beauty of Stillness.



EVERYTHING in life has an END …

It is how we choose to see the world, how we listen, and how we talk which determines what our life will look and feel like.

This is where I come into the picture. The coaching part of my journey.

My life experiences come from being born into a well-known family in South Africa. Living in a rather dangerous country during my childhood.

Being diagnosed with anxiety, depression and complex-PTSD during the course of my 44 years on this earth.

Going through gruelling Nursing training, working in townships (in South Africa),

having been physically abused, bullied at school, university, my workplaces and then finally transitioning from one gender to another during my Doctorate studies.

My party line is ‘been there… done that!’

I’ve got the scars, the bruises, the happiness, the sadness, the ‘a-ha’ moments to show and share.

I would love to get back to the fundamental building blocks of life with you.

Let’s see what we can discover together.

Let’s find the moments, people and experiences which makes you special and you.

The best place to start is to quiet our minds.

Working with me will give you:

  • A safe space.
  • A chance to talk without being judged.
  • A chance to be yourself.
  • A chance to listen and become quiet again.
  • A chance to explore stillness.
  • No labels required or attached.

A chance to explore the things, places and moments which shapes you.


What is on offer?

An 8-week Coaching Program which include:

An initial free 30-minute consultation with Sean to talk about you and what you want to achieve in your life.

8 x One Hour sessions (Only AU$125 per session)

Online or Face to Face

Free Access to Meditation Music via Spotify/CD or USB

Free Access to his 7-Step Listening Program

Total Cost $1000 for the months of February, March & April 2022

Payment Method will be discussed during the first consultation.

Disclaimer: Cost will increase as from the 1st of May 2022 to AU$1600

One to One Sessions are offered outside of the package deal.

30 minutes – $100

60 minutes – $200

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