Fictional & Poetry Publications

1. Against All Odds

Author: Sean Botha

Published: 2021

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2. Poetica Volume II

By Me Poetry: Poetry of the World

Published: 2019

Up, Down, Through and Up Again (pp. 102, 103)

Non-Fiction Online Publications

1. Research Interview Series: H.S. Botha (2017 – 2018)

Felicity Wilcox

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Dan Thorpe

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Peggy Polias

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Catherine Golden

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2. Power of Silence: Finding Stillness

Author: Sean Botha (PhD)

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3. Mindfulness Through The Lens of Sound: A 7 Step Listening Program

Author & Creator: Sean Botha (PhD)

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4. Tilde Festival 2017 – Sound & Silence Explored

Australian Music Centre

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Meet The Composers

Tilde New Music Festival 2017

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5. Making Waves

2016 – Spoken Waves

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Academic Publications

1. Reimagining Listening In Clinical Practice

Australian Nursing & Midwifery Journal

Volume: July – September 2021

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2. Textural Analysis of 21st Century String Music Through The Lens of Spectromorphology (2020/21) PhD Research, Western Sydney University

3. An investigation of Emotional Response to sonorism in music from 1960 – 1991

Honours Research, Western Sydney University (2015)

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